• Coresets for Vector Summarization with Applications to Network Graphs
      Subjects: Coreset, Data Summarization, Graph Representation
    • Redundancy Technology in Computer Storage
      Subjects: Computer Architecture, Multi-channel memory, Redundant Array of Independent Disks
      Slides (in Chinese)
    • RISC vs CISC
      Subjects: Computer Architecture, Complex Instruction Set Computing, Reduced Instruction Set Computing
      Slides (in Chinese)
    • EAP Case Studies
      Subjects: Management, Employee Assistance Program
      Slides (in Chinese)
    • Case Study: Undercover Boss
      Subjects: Management, Employer-Employee Relationship
      Slides (in Chinese)
    • Multiplexing in Communication Systems
      Subjects: Multiplexing, TDM, CDM, FDM
      Slides (in Chinese)
    • Discussion on Equivalent Characterizations of Analytic Functions and Properties and Properties of Series of Complex Functions
      Subjects: Complex Analysis, Analytic Functions, Series of Functions
      Slides (in Chinese)
    • Discussion on Spectrum Resources
      Subjects: Wireless Communication, Spectrum Resources, MIMO
      Slides (in Chinese)
    • 5th Generation Wireless Systems, a Perspective of Demand
      Subjects: Wireless Communication, 5G
      Slides (in Chinese)